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This post was reposted from BECARELLI COUNT DUSSI - THE ART STAR.

“ Mystery and Depth in the Discovery of the Road ”

The works of Becarelli Count Dussi are known worldwide. He is a winner of prestigious awards and accolades. The artist joins the relationship of identity and place in one intuitive whole with his ever-changing attitude towards the materials and processes. He has the remarkable approach of using the sense of touch, which contains simultaneously physical and spiritual sensations, to ( as he says ) " think with his hands " and capture " the energy of a place " through " direct contact with it " which materializes into unique fluid images and associations. These images, entirely the work of his talented hands, " which are the only tools he uses " reveal the incredible horizon of artistic behavior in which the primeval touch of the fingers to the clay leaves all those hundreds of fingerprints and can determine structure and build an image. The Becarelli style has long been known for " its Asian connection " which was perhaps inspired by his passion for philosophy and the colors of the Japanese pottery styles such as Raku / literally “ enjoyment ” or “ ease ” / and for the Haiku poetry or his martial arts training. He has built this style for many years and has paved its way into the art niches, which are filled with " everything from everywhere ". His characteristic technology of incorporating colors in a glossy ceramic medium on a solid foundation was created personally by him and mastered to perfection. This is one of the hallmarks of his work and that it unique and personal. As part of a major project called " The Endless Way to the Top or the Style of Black " / a name of Japanese poeticism and brevity / Becarelli has created something extremely rare.

A Florentine and his adventures in Asia, Marco Polo in the art. This is how the genius new styles are born. Uniqueness of color and restraint combined with an Eastern philosophy rediscovered through the eyes of a cosmopolitan European. His close friendship and collaboration with some of the best-known Japanese ceramicists such as Yoshimi Futamura , Satoru Hoshino and others, have lead him to a concept that is new to modern art – the Earth’s hardness in Eastern art culture and the finesse of expression in the ideas of the theater.

“ Noh “The Samurai of the male psyche and the way of the warrior-calligrapher emerge from behind the seemingly dominant background of the work.

" The Thin Red Line " runs down to cut a bloody trail into a dark appearance. The predominant colors are brown and black. Black is a symbol of mystery and mysteriousness.

The human dimensions of time.

Life is a journey to " somewhere ".

We are "travelers" lost in the directions of life.

The space of life blazes its own trail.

Joining the walking.

The entrance to the unknown is distinct – the white running into blue tracks. It is radiant like the vault of the sky. A hole in time. It draws in the eyes and the mind.

Yellow-hued rays rise in the distance.

A supernova erupts in the background. And the old history of the world repeats itself.

The orange flame burns the mixture of black and brown, bringing spiritual enlightenment.

The red - aflame with passion.

The glazing is the invisible alter ego. Dazzling in its purity.

If you understand the human concept of road, we can realize the meaning of the tireless pursuit of crisscrossing roads - not only in space but also in time and in human life. This is the concept/symbol which unites many significant deep-seated aspects of human existence.Becarelli’s paintings exhibit noticeable relief. The colors are rich and blended. The uniqueness of this painting is typical of Becarelli. Such is his talent. Its value cannot be materially measured because it carries and offers more. It offers positivism and hope. It emits strong healing and cleansing vibrations. This has been proven experimentally by people with extrasensory perceptions and abilities and applies to all paintings by Becarelli Dussi.Brevity of expression, built upon a sophisticatedly structured long and painstaking preparation of the painting. Few primary colors with subtle shades, which in essence express the main ideas. Typical eastern artistic expression arranged in a contemporary fashion and on display before the viewer. This is a new phenomenon in art, framed in brown wood with elements of the Japanese Tang architecture.

A valuable work for any art lover or art collector.

Prof. P.de Hube

Art critic

Painting details :

Name: " Mystery and Depth in the Discovery of the Road "

1. Unique, original art certificate.

2. Dimensions: 65 / 65 cm.

3. Oil on board with unique glaze and a special rough base.

4. Painted in 2010.

5. Frame of natural wood with unique processing.

Minimum price (no commission) starting at 7000 Euro.

 “ Mystery and Depth in the Discovery of the Road ” - something about Becarelli's art , from prof.P.de Hube

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